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Train with MMA fighters like Jon "Bones" Jones, Chael Sonnen, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone , Mike Chiesa , & More!

To look like these fighters, you've gotta train like them. In fact, you need to train WITH them. We're not here to workout. No. We're here to TRAIN. These professional MMA fighters have the determination to finish. Will you?
Punch, kick and train your way to a sculpted, chiseled body in only 60-Days!
In TapouT® XT2 you get a jump rope, a training ball,
and more than likely you'll need a bucket!

10 Brand new Tapout XT2 Workouts

EARN this new TapouT XT T-shirt for free! Send us your "before and after photos" and we will send you a free TapouT XT! 'Earned With Sweat' T-Shirt. Click below to learn more.
  • Leg Extreme DVD
    1. Leg Extreme

    Have you ever heard your legs scream before? That's the feeling of results! Leg Extreme is designed to give you the performance of an elite athlete, and the look of someone with lean, chiseled legs! So get ready for the burn!

    6. Drench XT

    It's like showering with your workout clothes on. Think about 'off-the-hook', 'turbo-charged', and 'high octane'...and then, think again. Drench XT takes any other cardio workout, jumps on it, stomps on it, tears it to pieces, and then does it all over again. Wanna push play? Go ahead. We dare you!

  • Sprawl and Brawl 2 DVD
    2. Sprawl and Brawl 2

    Back by popular demand! Sprawl and Brawl 2 is a non-stop barrage of cardio and resistance combined with total body movements that keeps your muscles guessing and your blood pumping. Plus enough sprawls, punches, kicks and flying knees to satisfy and exhaust any MMA fan.

  • Buns and Guns 2 DVD

    They are the Hollywood muscles- the booty and the guns. They need to look good. They need to look GREAT! And this is how you do it. Will you?

  • Mobility and Recovery DVD
    3. Mobility and Recovery

    When you train hard, you need to recover, stretch and work on your mobility. The pros do it and so should you. If you have never done a professional stretch and mobility workout before, this one is going to be eye opening and hip opening. Plus- it is critical to your success and completion of XT2... so don't skip it!

    8. 8 pack abs XT

    When a 6-pack just isn't enough! Want 8 pack-abs that will make you look like you just walked out of a magazine ad? Then pop in this DVD and get ready for all new XT extreme core moves that will rip your abs to shreds.

  • Total Body XT DVD
    4. Total Body XT

    The name says it all and this one gets it all. Chest, shoulders, legs, back, bi's, tri's and of course, the core. Total Body XT is a rigorous pace of fat blasting, body chiseling XT2 signature moves that will leave you covered in sweat and absolutely shredded!

    9. Cross Core Combat 2

    Forget sit-ups and crunches. That's for your old high school gym class. This sequel to the original hit Cross Core Combat for the XT1 series will literally reinvent the way you go about training your entire core. You will be stronger, faster, more athletic, and oh yeah, you'll look freakin' amazing naked.

    5. Fight Night XT

    If you liked Muay Thai in the original XT series, then get ready for Fight Night! You will throw down and "get it on" with some of the top pro MMA fighters in the world. This one is as authentic as it gets! Real MMA punches, kicks, flying knees, elbows and more. Fight Night will hone your fighting skills, boost your cardio and shred your body head to toe.

    10. HURL XT

    The mother of all XT2 workouts...This one will have you cryin' for mommy. Like Mike says at the top of this workout, "grab your jump rope, grab your XT Ball...and grab a bucket". Hurl XT is as extreme as it gets. Hurl XT is truly Extreme Reinvented.

Everything You Need Comes In The Box


    XT Training Ball

    The weighted XT Training Ball will be your best friend and your worst enemy. The super high quality, dual grip, sweat resistant training tool will absolutely carve and shred your entire body in ways you never thought possible. Available in 4lb and 6lb.


    XT Jump Rope

    To look like a fighter, you need to train like a fighter - and fighters hit it hard with the jump rope. This specially designed XT Jump Rope comes with ergonomic foam padded handles for extra comfort and a sturdy grip. Get ready to SWEAT!


    Enhanced XT Extreme

    Just as effective as free weights! The XT Resistance Band can help you get chiseled and burn fat even faster. Plus the band is conveniently portable making it possible to work out anytime, anywhere.


    Ignite your metabolism, fuel your muscles, width the Tapout XT2 Nutrition Guide & Recipes, featuring all new healthy, delicious and low-calorie recipes and meal plans.

  • 60-DAY XT2

    The TapouT XT2 60-Day Workout Calendar will help you keep track of your workouts, nutrition, goals, and progress. With every "X" mark you make across this calendar, you'll feel leaner, healthier, and more energized.

  • 90-DAY XT & XT2

    The TapouT XT & XT2 90-Day HYBRID Calendar is the NEWEST & MOST EXCLUSIVE collaboration of both XT & XT2 Traning. In the calendar, you 'll find the perfect combination of the best fat burning, blood-pumping and muscle-building workouts.


1. What's the difference between TapouT XT and TapouT XT2?

TapouT XT is the original 90-Day extreme home training program with 12 MMA inspired DVD workouts that will help you burn fat, build lean muscle, shred your abs and get ripped in 90 days.
TapouT XT2 is extreme training reinvented and consists of 10 new extreme MMA workouts. The TapouT XT2 60-Day training program is designed to turn up the volume on the results you've already achieved and get you in the best shape of your life. XT2 is specifically structured to take your muscles, your endurance and your strength to the NEXT LEVEL with brand new body-shredding, over-the-top workouts. Lastly - The TapouT XT2 offer is only available online.

2. What is Extreme Reinvented?

With the original TapouT XT we started with Extreme training. XT2 is Extreme Training Reinvented Just when you thought training couldn't get any harder - it did. We asked and we listened to the TapouT XT community. Based on popular requests, we went ballistic and developed an ALL NEW training system to take you to the next level while staying entertained and motivated.

3. Should I try TapouT XT2 if I have not completed TapouT XT?

The short answer is "no". TapouT XT2 is specifically designed for people who have completed the TapouT XT training. XT2 is the evolution of XT. We only challenge you to try XT2 (without first training with XT) if you are in great shape and ready for the hardest workout on the planet. We also offer a hybrid 90 day XT and XT2 wokout custom designed by Mike Karpenko for those looking to mix up all of their favorite TapouT workouts for insane results.

4. What equipment do I need for TapouT XT2?

Everything you need comes in the box. Our TapouT XT2 Base Kit includes 10 brand new explosive TapouT XT2 workouts, XT Training Ball, XT Jump Rope, Enhanced XT Resistance Band, 60-Day XT2 calendar & 90-Day TapouT XT and XT2 hybrid calendar, plus the XT2 Food & Nutritional Guide. This-and your personal dedication and motivation-is all you need to get a ripped and chiseled body with TapouT XT2.

5. How will I get the most out of my TapouT XT2 workout?

Dedication and time. As Mike Karpenko says, "To Quit Does Not Exist!" To get the most out of your workout, you'll need to commit and dedicate yourself to the training program for the full 60 days. This means following the healthy food plan and workout schedule to keep your body energized. It's not easy, but that's not what we guarantee. A ripped and chiseled body IS.

6. Where is TapouT XT2 available?

TapouT XT2 is currently only available online or by phone at 855-462-6822. Only available in the USA for now. Please check back here or on the TapouT XT Facebook page for future announcements of availability outside of the USA.





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